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Canada 150+ booklist curated by Toronto Foundation

This is an outstanding city.
But you don't just take.
You've got to build.

Fran Deacon

Wife of the late Fraser Deacon,
Founder of Toronto Foundation

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Canada 150+ booklist curated by Toronto Foundation


It seems to us that 2017 is a great opportunity to reflect on what it means to be Canadian. And, of course, how we can make this country a better place for everyone who lives here.

With that in mind, we have pulled together just a few of the books that we think might help get you started.



Go to School, You’re a Little Black Boy, The Honourable Lincoln M. Alexander

The Hanging of Angélique, Afua Cooper

Waiting for First Light, Roméo Dallaire

Bastards & Boneheads, Will Ferguson

The Reason You Walk, Wab Kinew

The Inconvenient Indian, Thomas King

Women Who Give Away Millions, Iris Nowell

Dancing with a Ghost: Exploring Aboriginal Reality, Rupert Ross

Voice in the Wild, Laurie Sarkadi

The Comeback: How Aboriginals are Reclaiming
Power and Influence
, John Ralston Saul


Love Enough, Dionne Brand

How Does A Single Blade of Grass Thank the Sun, Doretta Lau

The Diviners, Margaret Laurence

Birdie, Tracey Lindberg

Adult Onset, Ann-Marie MacDonald

Bone and Bread, Saleema Nawaz

Son of a Smaller Hero, Mordecai Richler

Ru, Kim Thúy

The Lesser Blessed, Richard Van Camp

Ragged Company, Richard Wagamese

Historical Fiction

The Secret Path, Gord Downie

The Book of Negros, Lawrence Hill

Obasan, Joy Kogawa