Funding opportunities


Supporting Toronto's communities

Toronto Foundation makes grants in two ways:

  1. When donors use their funds to independently make grants
  2. Through the Foundation’s smaller central pool of discretionary funds that support our core grants and investments and responsive granting.  

The amount of Toronto Foundation’s discretionary funding available centrally varies from year to year and responds directly to the issues and opportunities arising from Toronto’s Vital Signs.  Toronto’s Vital Signs Grants and Deacon Legacy Grants are two signature granting programs and we also offer social impact investments. In addition, we provide occasional partnership funding for organizations working at the crossroads of issues, sectors and systems change.  

In 2020, together with our fundholders, the Foundation made a total of 2027 grants to 915 charities, for a total value of $46.7M.



UPDATE: We're now accepting applications for the Investment Readiness Program and for the Fund for Gender Equality. Please see the links below for more details.

Occasional funding opportunities do come up – often through our umbrella organization, Community Foundations of Canada.  COVID-19 has prompted many of these funding opportunities. Below are links to the more recent, responsive grants, many of which we’ve partnered on.

When we partner with Community Foundations of Canada, the funding criteria has already been established and we administer the program locally. We are exploring new avenues to fund more grassroots work and are piloting this approach with our Black and Indigenous Futures Fund.


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