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This is an outstanding city.
But you don't just take.
You've got to build.

Fran Deacon

Wife of the late Fraser Deacon,
Founder of Toronto Foundation

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Your Philanthropic Strategy

You may have come to Toronto Foundation knowing how you would like to use your Fund – or maybe not. Being a Fundholder here gains you access to our in-depth community knowledge and grantmaking expertise to ensure that every grant you make has the impact you want.

Christie Love Thomas and her husband Jeff, accepting the Martin Connell Spirit of Philanthropy award on behalf of her parents, Jon and Nancy Love.

Here are some of the resources available to you:

  • Expert Donor Relations team
    Strategy DevelopmentWe can guide you in exploring your philanthropic goals, honing or changing your focus, or planning for the future of your Fund.
    Customized Research: At your request, we can provide customized giving opportunities aligned with your areas of interest.
  • Toronto’s Vital Signs Report
    The most comprehensive snapshot of quality of life in Toronto. Read it here.
  • Community Knowledge Centre
    A go-to website for city-building philanthropists showcasing more than 260 organizations working on solutions to the issues highlighted by the Toronto’s Vital Signs Report. Start exploring here.